Pipe sets and pipe elements for Carelia Grill® products. With the Carelia Grill chimney pipes you can get the gazebos and grill huts almost smoke free and comfortable. The pipes can be used in all Carelia Grill® openfireplaces which are installed inside in uninsulated grill huts and gazebos. All the pipe elements can be attached together, according to the actual need of pipe length.


Carelia Grill® Floor plates are always needed when the grill is installed on a wooden floor or other floor made of burning material for example gazebos or terrace. With the floor plates you can get the area of grill installation fire safe.




An open fireplace invites people to warm up, share stories, and cook food together.


What could be better than a meal prepared outside, in front of an open fire?

Carelia Grill® is an excellent choice if you enjoy the outdoors, cooking, and spending time with your friends and family.

All of our products are handmade and manufactured with respect towards the environment and our customers. Our products meet the highest quality standards, are easy to use and guaranteed to have been manufactured in Finland.

Take a look at our range of products and bring a piece of true Karelian identity to your home or summer house.

– Enjoy the lifestyle


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